Happy Tails

Big Dawgs Rescue has adopted out thousands of dogs (and hundreds of cats) into their forever homes. Many of our rescue pets have pasts of neglect, abuse, and abandonment. There is nothing more rewarding than saving a terrified animal from euthanasia, and watching them blossom as they learn to enjoy life again. As you can see, our rescues have come a long way since their shelter days! A little bit of TLC is all it takes to repair the broken spirit of a forgotten pet. We love hearing updates from our adopters, and seeing our fury companions treated like they should be- as loved family members.  The unwanted pets of our world are just looking for compassion, understanding, acceptance- someone to care enough to open their heart and home to the love of a rescue. You will never find a stronger bond. Rescue animals make wonderful pets- just check out the testimonials below! SAVE A LIFE~ ADOPT A RESCUE!

Big Dawgs Rescue has helped thousands of pets find their forever homes! Here are just a few of the amazing families who have adopted pets from Big Dawgs Rescue.

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"Just wanted to send a note to you guys about Donner. He is the best Dog I have ever had the true luck of being with. He is spoiled rotten!  He has completed Puppy one and is now in Puppy II class. He is doing really good even though he is a teenager! Here is a picture of him at almost 7 months. I hope he stops growing soon... He is in his second crate size already. I got him at 15 lbs, and he is now at 50 lbs!


"My husband Kevin and I have had Rocky for about 9 months now and he is the center of our lives. He's been through the Petco training program and received the 'most improved' award from our trainer! He is super smart, sometimes too smart so he knows when he can get away with being defiant! Rocky loves the outdoors and we've taken him camping, hiking and he even came along for a 7 mile run! His favorite thing is to give us slobbery kisses in the morning to wake us up. When we got him, he was very anxious and was scared by other dogs, people and loud cars. He has since learned that people give him belly rubs and treats and (some) dogs are fun to play with! He's made some new doggy friends but prefers one on one play instead of the dog park. He's a quirky guy and we love his personality. When he gets relaxed and sleepy, he lets out a big sigh, and that's when we know he is happy, relaxed and tired from the day. We're so happy to have him and I can't imagine life without him or with any other dog! I'm so grateful for Rocky's foster mom Danielle as well as Jackie and Big Dawgs Rescue for not giving up on him."

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Indiana Jones

"When I remember first reading the adoption post for my Indiana Jones ('Indy' to those who know her), it mentioned she was just starting to learn to ask to be petted. In a very short year, Indy has not only learned to ask, but demand to be petted, complete with whining and climbing all over her Daddy. She's a regular at the dog park these days, and enjoys pulling her Daddy on his skateboard, barking at people that walk by the front door, and eviscerating squeaky toys in her spare time, as well an continuing her ongoing search for the Holy Water Bowl. Indy is now so happy and well socialized, she's just as much at home playing with her 5-pound Maltipoo friend in his apartment as she is wrestling with a 100-pound Ridgeback at the park, and is always on the lookout for belly rubs. Little more than a year after being pulled from a shelter, she is now truly a Canine-American Princess."

Booger and Willie

"My family were looking for a small dog and saw Booger. We fell in love at first sight. His profile online fit us perfect. So perfect, we made a one day trip from Tracy to San Diego and back to pick up our lil Booger . A few months after my wife was looking and fell in love with Willie (formerly mr. wiggles). We made a call and we found a brother for Booger. Come to find out they were rescued the same day at the same place. Heck they were probably cell mates. The two are as close to brothers as you can get. They play really good together and make us laugh daily, with the things they do. Booger and Willie are defiant- a couple of Happy Tails, and proud to have them as part of our family."

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