Big Dawgs Rescue does not have a central building or facility that houses the animals in our care. All of our pets live in volunteer foster homes until adoption. As a result, we cannot save an animal without a foster that is willing to take them in! Fostering is the foundation of our rescue. Fosters are invaluable to the work we do, and we are always in need of additional homes.

If you are ready to open your heart and home to a foster pet, please fill out our foster form. Please be certain all key members of the household agree on this decision, and understand the commitment, before proceeding. If you are unsure of what fostering entails, please read below and contact us with any additional questions you may have.

What is a Foster?
A foster agrees to temporarily allow a pet in need to stay in their home while they wait to be adopted. The rescue provides all vet care, and may help with supplies if needed. Most fosters provide their own food, bedding, and toys. The rescue is responsible for finding adoptive homes through our events and online databases, and the foster provides updated information and photos for the pets bio. Fosters that are able to bring their pets to adoption events are usually able to get their fosters adopted more quickly. As a foster, you are in charge of providing a safe and loving home, and preparing your pet as best you can for adoption. Some fosters may not need to put in much work at all. Other fosters may need to socialize shy pets, provide basic training, and/or aid in emotional rehabilitation. As a foster, you can specify the types of pets you are willing to take in. However, please remember, fostering is a responsibility, and we are only interested in committed foster homes. We understand that sometimes things don’t work out, but fosters should be flexible and able/ willing to work with their rescue pet on any issues that may arise. These are rescue animals, and some of them may come with some baggage. Fosters are there to help them unpack. We are not interested in fosters that only want to take in “the perfect dog.”

Why Foster?
A foster gets all of the fun of a pet without the lifelong commitment! Fostering is a great option for people who are unable to adopt at this point in their lives, but still want to help out. If you already have too many pets, don’t have the security at this time to commit to the lifetime of a pet, aren’t financially stable enough to afford vet care, travel or move around too much, etc., you can still play a critical role in saving the lives of homeless animals by becoming a foster parent.

Fostering is also a great way to ease your way into adopting. If you or your family are considering getting a new pet, fostering is a good way to see if you are ready. Plus, you can keep fostering until you find the perfect pet for you!

Fostering is also a great way to teach kids the responsibility of pet ownership, and the importance of spaying and neutering. Many parents say they want their kids to witness a mother caring for her litter, and watch the young grow up. Instead of contributing to the pet overpopulation problem and creating more animals that need homes by breeding your own pets, why not rescue a pregnant mother that is already in the shelter? You get to experience having puppies or kittens, and you don’t have to take on the personal responsibility of finding them new homes!

Dogs Who Need Fosters


FOSTER HOME NEEDED!!! Available for foster or adoption


Mama dog came to us with her litter of puppies. Now she is spayed and ready for a home of her very own! She is a very unique looking girl- she looks like she has some Labrador in her, but she is low to the ground and has a slightly elongated torso, making us think she may be mixed with a breed like Basset Hound. She is medium sized and full grown. Mama is a really sweet girl, and loooves to be with people. Her favorite thing is to roll over on her back and get her belly rubbed. Whenever she doesn't want do something, she will protest by flopping over and showing you her belly in hopes that you will give up and just give her belly rubs instead! She does have a high prey drive and should not be around cats, chickens, or other small animals. She does ok with some other dogs but isn't particularly interested in befriending them, and may be happiest as an only dog. Her main focus is her people! Good with kids :)


Please contact with additional questions about Mama. If you would like to foster or adopt, please fill out the appropriate form online.



URGENT! HOPE NEEDS A FOSTER HOME ASAP. Hope is an extremely sweet Sharpei/ Pit mix that was rescued in May 2010 as a puppy. When we got her she looked absolutely terrible. She had a severe case of a demodex (a non-contagious disorder causing hairlessness) that had gone untreated. She was covered in scabs, her skin was inflamed, and her fur was falling out. She was miserable and scared. With some TLC and the proper medication, Hope made an a full recovery and her spirits quickly lifted. Now Hope is the most loving, happy-go-lucky pup you will ever meet!


Hope LOVES people, and immediately likes everyone she meets. She thrives on attention, and would love to be with you all day long if she could. She is energetic and enjoys going on walks, but she is also content to be a couch potato at home if she gets to snuggle with you while you watch T.V. She is super wiggly and always looks like she is smiling. She has an adorable wrinkly face! She will let you do anything you want to her- smoosh her face, look at her teeth, touch her paws, and of course, rub her belly! She loves the pool and enjoys water. She is crate trained and potty trained.


Hope should not go to a home with cats. She gets along well with some dogs, and does best with male dogs. She can be choosy with female dogs, and can be unpredictable with them. She is good on a leash and enjoys walks, but is not the kind of dog that would do well at a dog park. She may be a good companion for a male dog, but it would have to be on an individual meet-and-greet basis Ideally she would do best as an only dog. Hope loves kids and does well with them. However, due to her size and energy, she can easily knock small children over and would do best with older kids.

Contact us for more information about fostering or adopting Hope.






















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